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Rivers Interport services

Interporto Rivers Venezia is a multipurpose terminal with extreme flexibility and efficiency in the management of general cargo and dry bulk and in constant compliance with current environmental regulations and attentive to the needs of individual customers.

The main types of goods handled by Interporto Rivers Venezia vary from dry bulk (cereals, flour, clinker, coals, sand, cement, ores, etc.), steel products in bulk and in bundles (pig iron, ferro-alloys, coils, slabs, billets, wire rod, rebar, pipes, scrap metal and glass, etc.) to heavy carpentry/project cargo and packaged goods.

The logistical cycle of goods

The logistical cycle of goods

Interporto Rivers Venezia offers management of the entire logistics cycle from unloading to storage of goods in areas suitable for reloading onto vehicles after goods release.

Disembarkation / embarkation services

Disembarkation/embarkation via warehouse

Disembarkation/embarkation via yard

Disembarkation/embarkation from/onto truck/railway wagon

Disembarkation at silos via conveyor belt directly connected to quay cranes and/or pipe-line with pneumatic system.

Goods weighing services

Goods screening services

Goods storage services

Customs clearance services

Custody and storage services

Temporary custody services (12,500 m2) and private customs storage in 9 authorized warehouses.

Return Services

Interporto Rivers Venezia is able to offer users a combined ship, road and rail service. Goods can be reloaded either during ship disembarkation, by hopper, or from the yard and/or warehouse by shovel or forklift. Truck-to-truck loading takes place by drop through integrated loading nozzles with a modern computerised weighing system that automatically performs the intake control. In addition, Interporto Rivers Venezia offers modern computerised management and forms that allow all stakeholders involved, such as customers, shippers and carriers, continuous control and contact in real time.

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